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The Malcha Mystery

board1 Every few days, I get a query about the Mysterious Malcha Mahal. People want to go there and know more about it. They are fascinated because they think that in today’s world, how can someone live without electricity and regular water supply.

But things are different for the Royal siblings of the Oudh (Awadh) province.

What is Malcha Mahal

Malcha Mahal is a hunting lodge built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in 14th century. Situated right next to Delhi Earth Station in the restricted area of Delhi Ridge, this monument is largest of all Shikargaah’s built by the emperor. It is a huge square complex of 30 meter length on each side built on a high mound. The architecture of this lodge is somewhat similar to another of Tughlaq’s hunting lodge, Kushk Mahal (inside Teenmurti House).

It’s Location

Malcha Mahal is situated next to Delhi Earth Station on the Bistdari Road in Delhi Ridge. It is the restricted part of the forest behind the Buddha Jyanti Park (Buddha Garden). Malcha Mahal is also known as Bistdari Mahal

About its residents

Board2 Princess Wilayat Mahal, the Begum of Oudh was the great granddaughter of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Oudh. Nawab Wajid Ali waas deposed by British more than a century ago and their property was seized. Begum Wilayat Mahal was fighting with the govt. of India to get her property back, which is now used as a pharmaceutical research centre. To humiliate the government, she housed herself in the VIP lounge of New Delhi Railway Station with her two kids and dogs for a considerably long period. In may 1985, the govt. finally decided to allot Malcha Mahal to this royal descendants. But placing a royal family in such a ghost palace was not a good idea. On December 10, 1993, out of pain and mental stress, Begum Wilayat Mahal committed suicide by drinking crushed diamonds. She left behind her two kids, Princess Sakina and Prince Raza, few Dobermans & German Shepherds and some royal treasure. Her body was lying on her study desk for 10 days and her kids were mourning in grief. The night before Prince Raza buried her, both her kids slept with her dead body. Since her mother’s death, Princess Sakina has only wore black colour.

Entrance On june 24th 1994, some people tried to attack this haunted place in search of treasure. The terrified young siblings had to dig the grave of their deceased mother and burn her body to save her grave from being vandalized. Today her ashes rest in a crystal vial. They were given a revolver and permission to shoot in self-protection by the Lt. Governor of Delhi. Today, the dungeon is guarded by less than a dozen dogs and high shrubs and grills around the premise. They once had 27 dogs but today, only 9 are left. Others have been poisoned by local thieves, who have also stolen a huge silver table some some gold and silver tableware from the palace.

The other side of the story

Anjum Quder, the prince of Oudh wrote a letter to prime minister, several government bodies and other ministers in April 1975 stating that the claim by Begum Wilayat Mahal is a hoax. He explained that according to the Muslim tradition, the title of ‘Mahal’ was always awarded by the King to her wife only when the first male child was born. Under no circumstances, the title of ‘Mahal’ can be given to a daughter or grand-daughter. Since Bahadur Shah Zafar was exiled to Burma, no lady in India was given the title of Mahal. This can be cross verified with the last 150 years of Indian History. He has given confirm proof of the entire genealogy of the entire Oudh Family from Nawab Wajid Ali Shah onwards. His letter and explanation can be read at http://oudh.tripod.com/bhm/hoax.htm

My conversation with the forest officials and CISF guards

Out of my several visits to the place, I was able to talk to few people there. In one visit, I was able to talk to the local forest officials. They said that it is a false claim that she was allotted this palace permanently by government. It was more of a make-shift temporary arrangement to pull her out of the New Delhi Railway Station. He further went to an extend saying that in the initial days of Begum Wilayat Mahal coming to this palace, they used to hear sound of music and dance from the palace. They even told us that they fear some illegal activities going in there. They could recall 1-2 reporters trying to go inside the Mahal and never return back.

I even had a conversation with the CISF guards at the Delhi Earth Station. They told me that they have no clue what happens in there. All they know is that if anyone tries to come near, this guy unleashes his dogs and points a gun at the intruder. I was lucky enough to talk to one employee of the Earth Station. He said that he has been working in the Earth Station for decades and this palace, which is just few feet away from the Station used to be their badminton court. But since these people have come here, they have not allowed us to go near the palace.

Encounter with the Prince

During one of my several visits, when I was trying to find the entrance to the palace and was being accompanied by few other members of our Photowalk Group (Nikhil Garg, Karan Arora, Pankaj Pratap Singh, Praveen Lal, Sourabh Singh Khillery and few others) we were lucky to have a look at the guy, who we later realized is the prince himself. We were amazed by his command over English. We tried to break the conversation with him but he quickly jumped into the bushes and disappeared.

My Understanding

I don’t know whether Prince Anjum Quder is right or the story told by Begum Wilayat is true. All I know is that Princess Sakina and Prince Raza deserve a peaceful life. They have had enough torture and pain in all these years. We cannot estimate their loss. Today they share a haunted dungeon with bats, lizards, spiders and snakes. They live a life of refugees in their own country’s capital. Government and other people, including their own servants have betrayed them so many times that now they can’t trust anyone but their dogs. The best we can do today to help them is to let them live peacefully and not force our curiosity to breach their privacy. Let’s stay away from Malcha Mahal and let them live the life they have chosen for themselves. It is their basic right and we are no one to force a lifestyle on them, which we think is better.

– Whatever people say about the siblings living in this palace, I have my full sympathy with them and would like to support them in the way, in which they are most comfortable.


* UPDATE * – 12 May 2015

This article has grown popularity as people have grown interest in this Monument (or should I say, in others lives). Almost every week, I am contacted by at least 1 person, asking about the couple living there. The worst experience I had was with one of the journalist, who was very proud that he went inside and met the couple. Here’s what he told me over phone:

“I went there with my photographer, jumped the fence and went inside. An old dying lady was lying in one corner. When she saw me, she screamed and called someone. She asked him to unleash dogs and pull out gun. I ran away. After coming out, I phoned police about some suspicious activity and had the place raided. As police came, I went inside with them showing my press card. When we went inside with police, we found that they are very poor. They had few dogs. There were hardly any utensils in the room and very few traces of food. Entire structure was checked by police this is all we found in there”. He added, “Policemen were also cribbing about this false alarm, and so were the old duo living in there”. This reporter, from India TV was very proud of his act. After narrating his gallantry act, the reporter invited me for an interview, to which I refused (obviously). I have appeared on many news channels and this channel will always remain in my black list.

Once I went to Malcha Mahal and the Trees had shed leaves, revealing the Monument. I was able to get a clearer view and found that it is more closer to Bhooli Bhatiyari ka Mahal built by same, Feroz Shah Tughlaq, than the Kushk Mahal (as said by me earlier in this post). It is on high mound, with a huge gate, accessed by a ramp, instead of stairs. Outside the Monument, towards west (Qibla), is a Mosque Wall, which touches the boundary of Delhi Earth Station. This is a rare thing as nowhere else, I have found any such wall near any Hunting Lodge. Usually, prayer chambers are inside the premise of lodge. There is a possibility that this mosque wall was built later. Exact statement can be given only after proper examination of the wall.

At end, all I want to say is, please don’t try anything, which can disturb the peace, with which the duo is living. They have right to live. Please let them live peacefully. We can see the monument from inside few years later.


** IMPORTANT UPDATE – 07 November 2017 **


All of a sudden, the newspapers are flooded with news of Prince Ali Raza or Prince Cyrus (as he wanted himself to be called) passing away. He passed away on 2nd of September, 2017, 4 years after his sister passed away. The Monument now lies empty and the authorities will clean it soon (hopefully) for the public to access.

When reporters reached the palace, they found some old dilapidated furniture. The only thing in order was a table with nicely places porcelain tea set. There was a glass of water and plates set, as if someone was about to have dinner. Perhaps, the deceased prince was about to have dinner, when he left this mortal world.

May their souls rest in peace.

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105 thoughts on “The Malcha Mystery

  1. Very interesting read and great research. Astonished to read that so much happens so close to where I live. However I do not feel anything for those people. its a choice they have made and the only reason for it is their refusal to accept that they are common man and not some prince and princess. Their rights and duties are the same as that of a Citizen of India, and they ‘deserve’ no more, which I guess they feel they do.

    • Thank you Shashank. Your feedback is always valuable.

      • vikramjit its was wrong info given by forest official to u…i have gone inside the mahal..nothing inside they live life just as poor..they are breeders of dongs…i did the story 2 times….pls contact me for more interesting news if u have on 9873339809 sanjeev india tv

  2. bahut khub article hai “sir G”
    aj ke time me royal aur common ka deffrence ham log hazam nai kar pate hai…but it is true that they belong to a royal family. jahan tak mujhe lagta hai ke ye life wo apni marzi se to nai jee rahe honge.. jahan wo insan se ziyada dog par yakeen karte hai ……agar time rehte un par dhiyan diya jata ya unko aakela nai chorte ….to wo b main stream me aasani se reh sakte the … kai aur royal families b maine stream ke sath adjusted hai aj ke time me .. jab unhe unke haaal par hi chor diya gaya ..to shayad es tarah rehna hi pasand kiya hoga….

  3. Madhur Dhingra on said:

    This is indeed an excellent write up..and instead of coming down heavily on the royal couple i would say that life can be very strange sometimes….they are both victims of circumstances and their own egos….but then who is not….we as ordinary human beings show our arrogance in small petty things and they had seen such great splendor and heritage….i will never make a judgemental conclusion about them and would just like to leave them alone…they made a choice on how to lead their life and they are happy living their life accordingly…good luck to them…..who are we to comment on what is right or wrong….Great work done Vikramjit …:D

    • Thanks Madhur. This was indeed a very balanced and justified comment. Who are we to pass our judgement on them. Let them live the way they want to. After all, this is what right to freedom and right to live means.

  4. R D Mathur on said:

    Excellent write-up Vikram. Totally agree we should leave them on their own, we owe it to. them.

  5. Vikramjit, excellent coverage. Never knew what all exists in our beautiful city. I applaud your knowledge, and steps taken to go deeper into finding out truth. I’m sure you make us much more proud one day by all the hard work that you are putting up now

  6. Canon Schuterbug on said:

    Very interesting and quite unbelievable…. I have been staying so close to this place and never knew anything !!

  7. Sohail Hashmi on said:

    Dear Vikram

    Very Good work in ferreting out all these details, agree with you that they should be left to their own devices, these are people who are living in a time wrap and we can not dp anything for them.

    It is unfortunate though that progeny of all those so called royals who served the British continue to enjoy their wealth, many of them have become ministers and chief ministers and have roads named after them but the descendants of those who fought the British continue to survive like this or in circumstances that are even more pitiable.

    • Thanks a ton for your precious comments. It is indeed unfortunate how our government treat people. Govt. even continues to reserve places based on caste and religion. I am waiting for the day when they reserve seats for really deserving candidates.
      These royal siblings have a pension of Rs. 500 only. If they did not have all those ornaments to sell, they would have died of hunger long ago

  8. rajat thakran on said:

    hi frandsss
    i am rajat thakran from sonipat . ye malcha wali land hamari hai . ab is pr case chl rah hai. ye hamare dada GULAB SINGH THAKRAN ke land hai jo ki angrajo se fight me sahid ho gye the. contact this MY number 9416423889

    • udhav on said:

      Hi this udhav this side as this land is yours
      Could u plzz tll me is that haunted story true…?? Abu the queen nd all….!!!!

    • divyam on said:

      really is it yours so u should go there and check what the real matter is.Is it haunted and u should meet them also please reply me . Bye Bye .

  9. swapan ghosh on said:

    hello vikramjit,i m s ghosh. iused to pass by malcha marg everyday whrn i went to office in gurgaon.i hv a craze to see old buildings[ once my friend & me went to bistdari building.it was a rainy season. it was such a good view.i wanted to go further to see the back side of the house. i do not know what stopped me. suddenly a man comes out with a few dovermans & starts chasing us.we missed a heart beat.this is about 12 years ago.after some years the same building was in the tv.

    • Malcha has changed a lot lately. The people living in there are now so much disturbed by some people trying to chase them. But the monument is still wonderful. Hopefully some day we will get to see it from inside

      • Thankyou for the great article..I was so curious to know about Malcha Mahal..and i don’t think so its haunted or something…its just that the people living at that place wants to live peacefully and just for our curiosity we’re no one to create any disturbance in their life..its like “Live & Let Live” kind of thing which people should understand. The duo thats why feels so unsafe.

  10. Naushirvan on said:

    A very intriguing circumstance, indeed! Thank you for the wonderful article and all the information. BTW, loved your youtube video ( Heritage Photowalk). Keep up the good work.

    • swapan ghosh on said:

      in spite of a very bad experience , i would like to visit there again and see the beautiful building from the back side and enjoy the architectural marvel. s k ghosh.

  11. Iftekhar on said:

    Its the life the chose to live. Let them live but if the story of reporters going in but never coming out is a matter of investigation. Tresspassing is an offence and it should punished by house of justice i.e our courts. If they were indeed reporters and were unarmed when they entered that doomed mahal never to be seen again administration must interfere before its too late. These are the trait of A mentaly disturbed persons who can be serial killer.

  12. chinky tushir on said:

    i have read the story in NBT in late 2012 , the same story ..
    and i was hell curious to know all about it .. thank to you for bringing up this story over here .., great work

  13. swapan kumar ghosh on said:


  14. Kaamaaljeet singh on said:

    Very mysterious place indeed.. I have crossed that road so many times and once saw a Lady with the thinnest body, cheeks sucked in face, a painful face… But what I wonder about all the stories I have heard on this is…. No contact with outer world, no electricity, no regular water, Non regularity always increase expenses than decreasing… From where do they get money and how … Some mystery… mind bogling….

  15. Naveen K Tiwari on said:

    Very disturbing story for me. If they are descendant of wajid ali shah,govt must look forward in this matter and give them what they deserve.

  16. i am going there on 20th august 2014.With my freinds…
    i want to see the mahal from inside so i am taking a pistol with me for self protection..
    i will give u feedback ASAP.

    • This might sound heroic to you. But for me, it is a shameful act. You will invade the privacy of an old brother sister, who ask nothing but peace and loneliness.
      How would you feel if someone smashes into your house against your permission?

      Think twice before taking such stupid decisions

    • Ojas can I hav ur number plz??
      Or u can msg me on facebook http://www.facebook.com/riderindian
      Wanna talk personally

    • Naushirvan on said:

      Mr. ojas, isn’t it bad enough that their lives have been ruined by being saddled with their mother’s delusions of grandeur? You should keep your bravado in check.

      It perhaps too late to rescue Sakina and Riaz from their sad world. They should have been provided specialized counselling to undo the damage wreaked on their impressionable minds. I shudder to think what they must have gone through after their mother’s death. From what I have read in interviews etc., both of them are quite intelligent and eloquent. They do come across as supremely arrogant, which is to be expected of people who have brought up on a steady diet of ‘we are better than everyone else’ or what is so succinctly captured in the Farsi expression ‘pedram sultan bood'(lit. my father was a Sultan). They fail to grasp the reality of their circumstance.

      They don’t need more rude intrusions into their private space. What they need is to be left well alone.

      I urge you to reconsider your plans.

  17. whai is their condition in 2014? Are they dead or living; I had a visit to Malcha palace in Dec 2013 but failed to spot anyone and I was unable to gain courage to step in unless touch the gate. I wonder how are they managing their food and water and other necessary things?
    Until now their treasure may be exhausted, is it?
    However are they real heirs or not but what I believe that they had suffered a lot and should be offered a helping hand by GOVT OF INDIA.

  18. i want to talk with prinse Riaz ….if any have his contact number than msg me …+919558168143

  19. anuj tyagi on said:

    i went there.this palace is realy hunted.plese don’t go there.

  20. vaibhav on said:

    Well written vikramjit singh .. I am planning to go there in the next week most probably .
    So .. Can u please tell me whats the condition of that place right now .. ? . help would be appriciated . reply asap .

  21. kashif Mustafa on said:

    unbelievable tale of sorrow, pride and intrigue, what is the latest on the inhabitants of the palace, and are there any pictures of inside of the palace?

  22. Hi Vikaramjit. Are the sister and brother duo alive still. How do they manage expenses and day to day needs if they do not step out.

  23. Navneet Singh on said:

    after reading everything available on net and their interview with foreign journalists in early days of their stay in Malcha,, i really got fascinated, so many questions in mind and concern about the pets like after they pass away,, who will be there to feed them etc.
    in an interview prince said that he is sure he will die before her sister and that her sister following the royal tradition do suicide,, on being asked what if she dies first? to this he said he is not sure about what he will do that time..
    well, i was thinking, they will poison their dogs too before dying 😦
    well they are too much arrogant and live in past rather in present(my opinion) they speak English well but i think they haven’t attended high school n college etc. coz since age 15 & 14 respectively they were at new Delhi station for 10 years then moved to malcha mahal at age 25 &24 in 1985,, coz they are supposed to be of 55 or more now..

    out of curiosity don’t disturb their peace n bother them by going there,, you have everything about them on internet.. Moreover they are little different in their own ways n hate people specially Indians,, they have guns,, stay home or become their dog’s food by going there in simple words.

  24. Navneet Singh on said:

    after they pass away that place will be open for public as earlier ASI officials had already demanded it back in 1985,, so for now sit home at peace whoever said in a comment above to go their with gun n all.. Ty

  25. Parv Kapoor on said:

    What about the haunted stories when begam died after eating diamonds and some have also seen spirit of begam.
    Wikipedia says that begam died on 10 dec 2008 by eating poison what is the exact date of begam death.

  26. Parv Kapoor on said:

    What about the haunted stories about begam some people say that her spirit used to roam around the mahal and some have also seen her .wikipedia says she died on 10 dec 2008 .what is the exact date

  27. kunal gaur on said:

    Very wonderful research by you…i just to ask you one is it a really haunted place or something ghoost is there.??

  28. Navneet Singh on said:

    HH Begum Vilayat Mahal died 3-4years after they shifted there in year 1985 in Malcha Mahal on her study table after consuming crushed diamonds of her ring with water,,
    Her body was lying there for almost 10 days on the table and the Prince and princess kept mourning,, finally on last night they slept on either sides of her mother’s body and next day Prince cremated her,,

  29. kashif Mustafa on said:

    people administering the FB page ” Malcha Mahal” say that Prince is dead and only the Princess is living there now, not sure if its true,

  30. sagar patil on said:

    yesterday only i got some info of Malcha Mahal & Today i read this post , but there is nothing like haunted , still need more info regarding this malcha mahal

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  32. gaurab rakshit on said:

    if the brother sister duo don’t go out..how do they survive?..i mean from where do they buy their groceries or foods or basic amenities like u know soaps..or anything?

  33. Rakesh R. on said:

    Is the Prince available on Whatsapp? We could at least introduce them to Internet and all other modern technology. It’s long time since these siblings even had any view of television… We can show our gratitude by building a tomb in the name of Begum and making the place a heritage. What you say? Kindly reveal us the neighborhood and security surrounding the mansion

  34. Navneet Singh on said:

    Princess 👸 never seen by people nearby or forest guards.. But Price do visit the nearby market for purchases mostly in evenings.. Or he may be seen having a walk with dogs in the mornings.. They do have a telephone and water supply(by forest officers).. Moreover nearby Embassies do help them.. They probably are indulged in dog breeding too for the Embassy people.. Prince have a passport and had done foreign tours.. They have managed to publish a book on their mother in Abroad.. It’s banned in India..

  35. vikas mehra on said:

    sir i am really shocked that without electricity ,water and food how this brother sister live its really horrible …………do u ever meet them

  36. I visited the place last sunday with a couple of my friends. I was informed by the guard manning the Delhi Earth station that the prince and princesss are very much alive.
    The prince comes over to the earth station every morning for his water supplies, there is a tap connection from where he is permitted to take water.
    There is only one dog which is left of his herd, he leaves on a bicycle everyday in the late afternoon to Gole market area for purchasing meat for the dog and filling up his own ration supplies.
    He did tell that during the past a lot of embassy cars visited the place but they are not visible these days.
    He told us not to venture anywhere outside of the bistdari road, towards the malcha mahal as it might be dangerous. We followed his advice and stayed on the road itself and took some clicks of the mahal entrance.

  37. I visited Malcha Mahal last weekend with a couple of my friends. I was informed by the guard who works at the Delhi Earth Station that both the prince and princess are very much alive.
    The prince comes to the Earth Station every morning for his water supplies, there is a separate tap connection from where the prince is permitted to take water.
    The guard further told us that there is only one dog left of the herd. The prince travels on a bicycle everyday in the late afternoon to Gole Market to purchase meat for the dog and possibly to refill his own essential supplies.
    The guard said that in the past embassy cars which frequented the mahal, but now they hardly come. He instructed us not to sway from the bistadri road towards the mahal as it might be dangerous, we heeded to his advice and clicked a few pics of the entrance signange.

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  39. Bhawana dayal on said:

    Ok i am ur fan now totally whosoever has written it…i loved d way u wrote it and with such ease u said all in few words..hoping to meet or talk to u in person great work;)

  40. Navneet Singh on said:

    After the death(suicide) of Wilayat Mahal(their mother), the young prince & princess mourned for nearly a week sleeping on either sides of the body(their mother), {they were all alone in jungle, no electricity, no relatives},, the promise of Indian Govt. to provide them some basic facilities,pension and renovate the mahal remained in papers only(after sudden death of Indira Ganthi ji & change of govt.),, The siblings then buried the body of their mother in the compound but local thieves poisoned 7-8 of their guarding dogs who were unchained, dig up the body in search of treasure(may b it was a belief that kings/queens r buried with some treasure), but there was nothing, As a result, the siblings were soooo terrified and in pain, finally they had to burn the body to avoid further such incidents. Then, Prime Minister of India(PV Nrsimha Rao perhaps) paid them a visit but they refused to meet him,, but on orders Lt. Govnr of Delhi provided them a pistol n permission to shoot intruders. Princess decided after her mother’s death 1) never comb her hair 2) wear only black 3) never step out of mahal 4) never take Indian govt. help 5) to end her life doing suicide in case Prince Riaz dies first,,

    This whole story was a big highlight at that time in MEDIA both in India and FOREIGN. Some indian journalists tried to interview them but they refused and some journalists got missing too who had gone towards mahal,, however once BBC approached them for interview but Princess put a condition that first give them a loaded pistol, to which BBC didnt agreed. BUT they hv given interview to foreign media and it was published in a leading newspaper. GOOGLE IT

  41. Navneet Singh on said:

    They have suffered maximum a human being can, just imagine being born as Prince n Princess, looted everything in teenage, suicide of
    Mother, servants cheated n absconded with valuables, locals breaking into house for treasure n killing dogs(their only trusted companions and friends), exhausted treasure, living with bats, lizards,snakes etc., no cover from rain or sun, or chilled air in delhi winters that too in forest..

    they do not want sympathy etc. of anyone or any help, not even they are some animals of zoo who u wish to visit. they just hv learned to live with nature n quite happy this way rather begging Indian Govt. for their own properties which they once owned(worth billions). They just want no intruders in their peaceful world. Respect that. Learn from them..

  42. Navneet Singh on said:

    As India has changed around them, they haven’t even tried to keep pace. They don’t follow politics or watch television. They seldom leave home. Descended from rulers who invaded India centuries ago from Persia, they distrust other Indians — whom they refer to derisively as “subcontinent persons” — and speak to them only when they must. “Time means nothing to us here,” said the prince. Compared to his vociferous, insistent sister, Prince Riaz is a quiet, almost ghostly figure. While she declaims on the family’s history, he listens silently. But he’s also the more worldly. He’s traveled abroad, and is the person who comes down the path to meet the siblings’ infrequent visitors. It’s Riaz who goes into town when they need to sell another rusting heirloom to raise money. He spends a lot of time on the roof, with its vistas of the skyscrapers of modern New Delhi. “If I have this view, why would I need commoners as friends?” he asked. “Ordinary people settle for ordinary things,” Sakina said. Then, as it often does, her voice slips into a speech-like cadence, and she’s almost shouting: “Ordinariness is not just a crime, but it is a sin. Yes! It is a sin!” Won’t consider working The siblings, both in their mid-40s, have created their own royal island. Inside, it’s just the two of them, a half-dozen snarling, slate-blue mastiffs they smother with love, and an ever-decreasing collection of heirlooms. While they’re clearly struggling financially, they won’t even consider finding work. “We dislike even to mingle with commoners,” Riaz said. Instead, their lives revolve around their late mother, Princess Wilayat Mahal. Dead for a decade, she remains the most powerful presence in the lodge. Princess Wilayat said she was a great-granddaughter of the last ruler of Oudh, a concubine-loving king the British deposed in 1856. Over the next century, his descendants frittered away his fortune and disappeared from view. But in 1975, Princess Wilayat forced her way onto the Indian consciousness, moving into a New Delhi railway station with her children, five servants and 12 dogs. They stayed for nine years, first on a platform and then in a VIP portico, as the princess tried to embarrass the Indian government into giving her a home fit for royalty. Officials eventually succumbed and gave her the hunting lodge. But there’s no happily-ever-after to the princess’ story. The move to the ancient building — built by a sultan unrelated to the House of Oudh — seems to have presaged a slip well beyond eccentricity. Feeling she had never achieved sufficient grandeur, the elder princess eventually committed suicide. “Her highness halted the count of time: 2:40 p.m., 10th of September 1993, by taking her own life!” Sakina said. “Her highness endured the death with great stateliness.” Their mother remains an overbearing presence. Her dusty satin dancing shoes sit like an altar-offering on a table beneath her portrait, and the siblings have had a book privately published on her life. It’s easy to pity them, this pair of royals trapped by their own sense of superiority. But they’ll have none of that. “We are not going to ask anyone for anything,” said Sakina. “The government should have the sense to know how we are living over here. They are blind? They do not know we are in darkness?”

  43. Navneet Singh on said:


  44. Navneet Singh on said:


  45. i want there info like there birthdates education background plz send me details

  46. sameena sultana on said:

    nice article vikramajit. great efforts made to know about the royal family’s present situation but y can’t we make an effort to help them to interact with normal ppl, they are in that situation only because they dint got any helping hand. its like a kid getting scared of dog but when we make him understand dog is a friendly animal and make him comfortable to be with dogs, that kid will start playing with them. isn’t this the same thing?

    We can make an effort to have a conversation with prince when he come out for shopping. we can make him feel comfortable. lets do this good thing and help them to make their last years of their life beautiful and happy.

    We can discuss different ideas to achieve this. My intention is not to trouble them, every body have rights to enjoy the fruit of earth let us help them to see the new world.

    • Hi Sameena,

      They have chosen that life for themselves. We are no one to impose our style on them. Since they are not interested in interacting with outside world, we cannot force them to do so. People approach them out of pity. This is what they hate most.
      I am not sure in what state they are right now. But whatever it is, it’s their life and they have the right to live the way they want. It is not that no one ever approached them and offered help. But you cannot impose it on them against their will.

  47. Sakshi Verma on said:

    Wow……what a piece of writing !!!! It is just awesome…….

  48. w4rior on said:

    I also heard the story yesterday only by my bro while going through that way..so today i searched about it and find its a very strange and curious story…..this palace is nearby my home so I am very much curious to see the prince and if i saw him i will definitely share a pic with u alll!!!!!

  49. No man is an island, never meant to live alone. These people are too proud to accept any kind of assistance. A definite sign of royalty. You can see it in the demeanor of Princess Sakina’s mother, Princess Wilayat Mahal. Our Indian hospitality is famous throughout the world. How is it not one person ever tried to help them. People need food, clothes, provisions; how are they getting all this. It’s so easy to ignore them and only make them subjects of curiosity. No, they have not chosen to live their life this way, it has been forced upon them by the indifference of society and the selfishness of mankind. We take better care of our dogs. Hope some one can find the desire some where inside them to make a small difference in the lives of Princess Sakina and Prince Riaz. They deserve better. They are just victims of their circumstances.

  50. They had another brother Prince Mehdi, what of him?

  51. chahat on said:

    i just read ur article.. i came to know abt this place from facebook n im really not able to sleep after hearing their story n feeling very sympathetic towards them. they r at that stage of life where they need love., family and support. dnt u think v must do something for them. atleast v can try to restore their electricity connection. i wish i could keep them at my home n give them the love they need. if anytime u meet the prince do tell them that u all love them n respect them.

  52. I met them many times . I go every week with meat for dogs. Sakina passed away only Raza alive

  53. Anybody should have a decent living and a decent death. What it is the last news about them. Should be left die and decay in the name of leaving them in peace. All these years in that living condition they would have been off balance of mind. It could be not out of pity but shear love for a fellow human. Anybody can become insane in that type of living. Anybody in Delhi please do something.., They are not in some remote country side. I am in Chennai.. After the storm that hit Chennai, we were not having power for three days(!)..Certainly we cant treat them to be normal. Nobody will accept the change, it will not simply dawn on them. Even a beggar or leper is treated decently. This is the land that had St Mother Teresa. Let us make it happen for better.

  54. Naman duggal on said:

    Can we meet or contact i am from delhi

    • Sir, can you please tell us the actual and recent condition or any recent news about the prince? I am a student of delhi university pursuing bachelor’s in journalism and mass communication . We want to know something about them as we really want to make a documentary on the last descendent of ouad.

  55. Shilpa Gaur Singh on said:

    What an absolutely intriguing write-up Vikramji. Gut -wrenching to see the Govt and people’s apathy and lack of respect for fellow human beings. Thats the least acknowledgement the siblings living in Malcha Mahal deserved. Convenient for us to talk about royal egos and misplaced vanity, but it must be truly maddening for these people to live out their lives in darkness, forgotten and uncared for in their own land. At last, their souls are free…..RIP Prince Raza, Priness Sakina and begum Wilayat Mahal

  56. Vikram, he had a younger brother in boarding school as well i read somewhere!!!

  57. Sad..none of human right ppl came to counselling …

  58. Zavvar Kazim on said:

    Very sad and heart touching.

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