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The lost history of Murthal

Murthal, a small village in Sonepat District of Haryana and less than 50 Km. away from Delhi. The residents and migrants know it for its famous temple and Naga Baba’s mazaar, and rest know it for the famous Dhabas and their Paranthas.

Yesterday (2nd April, 2011), I went there to visit an Ashram, slightly off the G.T. Road (National Highway 1). I have been there countless times, but never noticed, what I saw yesterday. Far in the village of Murthal, a small structure was appearing out of trees. I asked my wife, how about checking that place. She was excited. We drove towards that unknown place and soon ended up in broken road and water logged area. Someone told us that the place we are searching for is left behind. So we turned and entered into a small street. After driving for less than 500 meters, an old structure appeared out of nowhere and I parked my car.

5The place was loaded with cow dung cakes and fodder. Locals told that when the Mughal Raaj was it’s best, this place was built by them. To me, it looked like some police post or court room. Or may be it was the temporary residence of some high official. It is also possible that the place was a resting lounge for Mughal royals, travelling from Delhi to Punjab.


From the lens…



How to Reach

Go straight from Sonepat till you reach Murthal Fly Over. Cross it and travel for roughly 1 Km. You will find a U-Turn right before Kohinoor Rice Plant. Take the turn, and drive back till you reach all the Dhabas on your right (other side of road). Now watch for a road turning to left, just 200 mts. before the fly over. Take the left, and drive straight into the village. When you are about to enter the village, you might see the ‘dome of this place peeking out of trees. But you must ask some local about its location as it is situated deep inside the village.


If anybody finds any further information about this place, please let me know.

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