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Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal

Karol Bagh, the busy market of Delhi, has a hidden secret. The area is identified by Delhi’s new landmark, the huge Hanuman Statue next to Bagga Link Services. Right behind this Bagga Link, a small serpent road goes deep into the Southern Ridge of Delhi. As you advance few hundred meters on this road, a strange structure on your right will cast a spell on you.


This structure is claimed to be the most haunted place in Delhi. There are no metal gates to be locked. The only thing that guards this massive structure is a note written at entrance, which tells people to not to come near this place after sunset.

I had an unofficial chat with one of the govt employees associated with this place. He told me that no security guard deployed by govt survived his job for more than 2-3 days. He added, “I don’t believe in all this, but there is something suspicious & scary here”.


What is Bhooli Bhatiyari?

2Bhooli Bhatiyari (or Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal) is a Hunting Lodge built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in 14th century. It has its resemblance with another of Feroz Tughlaq’s structure, ‘Malcha Mahal’. The structure is entered by a huge rubble masonry gate, which takes you to a small zone. Another doorway with corbelled arches welcomes you to the huge open square courtyard. On sides, we have rooms, used by people who stayed here during the hunting season. Towards north, it has a semi-circular structure accessed through a plight of stairs. On one corner, we have a modern toilet, which was built by Delhi Tourism in hope to promote this place. But it lies deserted as no govt guard was able to come near this place. We can imagine, that the hunters back in Tughlaq days could have seen the entire ridge from this mini-fortress.


This structure also has those elements, which are commonly seen in Mosques and Palaces built by Junan Shah Tilangani.

On outside, the Lodge has bastions like a fort. The entire plan of this Lodge appears as if this was a safe house of the Emperor during some calamity.


Why the name “Bhooli Bhatiyari”?

There are two theories behind this title. One theory suggests that this place, after the Tughlaq Dynasty, became abode of a sufi saint named ‘Bu Ali Bakhtiyari’. Bhooli Bhatiyari is simple a distorted form of his name. The other theory suggests that there was a Bhatiyarin (a tribal lady from Rajasthan), who forgot her way and ended up here. After her, the place became famous as ‘Bhooli Bhatiyari’.

Is it Haunted?

Personally, I never had any haunting experience at this place. I have been there alone, with family, friends and with huge groups during Photowalks. But perhaps the scaring spirits in this area don’t like me. The closest we went were when we were doing a Photowalk and 2 of our group members decided to drift away from the group. They went deep into jungle and tried to click a white wall that they saw. When they adjusted their cameras, standing next to the wall, they realized that the wall just vanished. They came back running to me and narrated the story.



If you have experienced anything special here, do share with me.

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39 thoughts on “Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal

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  2. rana sen on said:

    fascinating,thrilling–why don’t we have another photowalk in this place,as early as possible–i mean,as soon as the weather permits ? i have never been to this place,and as we allrealize,such places are best visited in big groups only,for security and other reasons..

  3. Nice description of the monument. Planning to visit it soon.

  4. Neelima on said:

    Interesting n informative

  5. Damn it!!! I missed this photo walk of yours 😦 I sometimes feel so so sorry for joining your group so late 😦

  6. Amazing! I grew up in that area and had no clue about Bhuli Bhatiyari.
    So glad I stumbled upon your blog…have bookmarked it.

    Keep exploring and sharing.


  7. i m planning to hve a date here…is it all right for couple to go there

    • May I recommend a nice restaurant or park instead.
      Do you really want to take your date to a lonely (so-called) haunted and secluded site?

      • sameer arora on said:

        yes mr rooprai it is not a good idea to take one’s girlfriend at such a unsafe place

    • This place is not haunted!! Feel free to go there…lots of hearts and name written on the walls!! 😂😂 Nothing else..I was alone there was seeking ghost..but I found non…but only cat meow coming from all round when I was passing the jungle..not seen them but only sound!! That scared me lil…I have recorded that!! I wanted to see some super natural!! But I was disappointed by this point place..

      place is haunted is a hoax !!

  8. Shobhna bhandari on said:

    Well I visit this place yesterday with my 2 frds… And there is something in this place which is not gud at all.. So much negativity in the atmosphere… My frd heard something and came out.. When we were getting in car I also heard a clear voice of a lady crying I looked around but I didn’t see anyone there..but still there is something which is not good in that place… I advice uu don’t go alone..

    • JIGYASA PHORE on said:

      Are u serious bout dis….or ur just trying to take limelight and bring d shit out of people…..coz I don’t think dat dis all could happen wid a person eho went there for d vry first tym that to be in the brightest day lyt

    • I’m not sure there is anything there me and My friend went there at around 2ish and left at 5 am nothing happened
      Only a few animals which scared the shit out of us
      Nothing else

  9. Sharad on said:

    Yr tell me its really a haunted place na
    Because i need to go to search for the ghost
    Real ghost

    • Sorry to disappoint you. But i never found any ghost. Only police, who always comes and misbehaves with you. Policemen there are very rude and treat you like a criminal, no matter how gentle you look.
      I have always had bad experience woth police when i visit the monument.

      • Very interesting place. I went here on my own, a solo western woman. There were police there but neither they or any ghosts bothered me! Quite and interesting place who’s only residents seemed to be hundreds of kites dive bombing me for a closer inspection

      • Deepak on said:

        Just read this blog and it felt necessary to comment. I have been going there since 2003, live nearby, so i have been there in every hour of a day or night. Used to study in the same hunting place, which you have discussed above, know each and every path of the park/jungle and believe me guys, i mean seriously there is nothing to be scared of. You’ll not find anything but stray dogs and these days cops. If you want to have some peace from all the noise go there. And strictly no “coupling” there. Cops and other “violent” aspects are really visible there. I have met thieves, “saints” (who likes indulging in unsaintly activities oftenly), drug addicts and “etc” people there, just because i am local and used to know things like how to handle the situation, i was saved. But its just not worth it (for a couple roaming alone).

    • This place is not haunted!! Feel free to go there…lots of hearts and name written on the walls!! 😂😂 Nothing else..I was alone there was seeking ghost..but I found non…but only cat meow coming from all round when I was passing the jungle..not seen them but only sound!! That scared me lil…I have recorded that!! I wanted to see some super natural!! But I was disappointed by this point place..

      place is haunted is a hoax !!

  10. This place is not haunted!! Feel free to go there…lots of hearts and name written on the walls!! 😂😂 Nothing else..I was alone there was seeking ghost..but I found non…but only cat meow coming from all round when I was passing the jungle..not seen them but only sound!! That scared me lil…I have recorded that!! I wanted to see some super natural!! But I was disappointed by this point place..

    place is haunted is a hoax !!

  11. anas khan on said:

    i have just visited this place i didnt found any scary disturbance but i think its a place which people can be used for wrong activities bcoz of its lonelyness i suggest not to go there with families and ladies..

  12. I have lived all my childhood on faiz road which is hardly half a km from this, my dad use to take us for a morning walk in the jungle behind this kila.. There is a water resorvioire near the kila. We don’t have any story as such but we as kids were somehow always scared of this place. We’ve head people telling us story about people who never returned from inside the fort.

    I don’t believe in all this and i am planning to visit it now after 25 years

  13. nomadicfoot on said:

    It seem really interested place. I would like to visit as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing.

  14. today i visit dia place wid my frndsss
    i felt lill bit of fear

  15. A month back..
    i was there at 1:00 am .. and i had to run back..
    with my friends .
    we were already to go inside that tomb..
    i was very excited to see that tomb from the inside..
    it was dark and sad , bit cold ..
    i’ve never had an experience with any kind of Ghost or paranormal activity
    and was kinda scared but excited ,thought this is the night!
    Before we got out of the car..
    one of my friend said..
    i won’t go in , and suggested my other friend to not go inside too..
    i was like is that in real?
    we all were there..
    we were five and two backed out..
    and was like i will go.. this is it!
    but i was still scared.. whether i should go ahead or not ..
    then we all had a discussion regarding..
    and it was a long one..
    Finally! i was able to make then all up to go in..
    i had a final look at the gate..
    and we got out of the car..
    the moment i open the door the car and step out..
    and decided this is now!
    A light hit any eyes and i was like blind for a sec..
    my friends were able to see.. what was coming.. toward use..
    One of my friend got very scared, his eyes were wide open..
    he came near me said ………
    i couldn’t believe what i’ve heard and what i could see.. that time..
    my other friend came near me said
    Bhai yeh toh Police hain Plan Lagai.. 😛

  16. Neither kidding nor lying…
    It was so thrilling. Feeling like somebody is on my head during riding bike.
    I had gone there 3AM today… My tongue was is between my teeth.
    I was shivering due to cold but due to fear my cold get increased and I was shaking..
    So adventurous, thrilling, haunted place…

  17. it is not haunted place…I have go to with my frnds…and I had enjoy every moment with frds…..

  18. Nice place to visit…beautifull locations today i see all about this monument

  19. Dalbir Singh on said:


    Recently my friend & me visited this place & we went deep in the forest to explore something scary or to see, feel spiririts or we especially went deeper & deeper to analys either there is something as the story teller describes or not. I found *YES* this place is haunted as Delhi ka Bhangarh. The concrete ground in the center of the forest, we turned out Bullets Off & I went a little aside for pee & suddenly my friend scared me calling #Ohhhhhh shitttttt……. I saw something white figure from here to there running & all of a sudden it vanished#. That time we were all alone in the entire Mahal come forest. No one human being around us or near by area we were only two there. Then we planned to start walking in the forest for something. We found someone was whispering when we went there no one was there. We heard someone coming on horse behind us or walking along with us. Then we got scared & run & started our bullets & then we ran away fast from there.

    Next day means today 13/12/17 again we went there and ask from Guard near to Cinema Hall. Is this haunted or spirits roam here in the forest & Mahal. They said #Yes# it is 101% true. They said the same thing 3-4 day are enough for a Guard to duty here. When they realize at night it is damn haunted like Bhangarh Ka Quila. They refused to stay here for duty or left. In short something scary haunting & a feel of insecurity is in the air there & Feel something all the time You Been there. Or someone is following or Peeping You here You Will feel.

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  21. Sunny sethi on said:

    Me and my Friend pradeep Visited this place many times and spent 4 to 5 haurs on daily basis.. in evening also. This is very good place to drink bear in rainy season and whiskey in winter’s.. enjoyed that place. 🙏🏻😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  23. Saba Khan on said:

    So recently my brother visited this place and as usual he was driving in forest with his friends and one of his friends was making a Snapchat video and there is a black shadow in that video in bushes resembling a man.. idk what is that actually .. I’m pretty scared tbh

  24. Astha Mishra on said:

    Can I use your words in my book….?

  25. hemant on said:

    i want to meet with those guys who has seen some scary things…..something happened with them….it will shoot for a news program….thanks

    • It has been long. I have lost touch with most of them. Earlier when I was doing public walks, people used to come to my events. But I never captured anyone’s email ID or Phone. So I do not have any way of getting back to most of them.

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