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A Calm beach in Andhra Pradesh, Vishakhapatnam aka Vizag. It was a pleasure being there. So clean, so peaceful and so calm.

Vizag is known for its shipyard, and you can the night view of sea is awesome, with lights of distant ships flashing as if they are playing some melody.



They also have an old submarine, which which is now a museum docked on the sea shore. It was really nice to know how the underwater human-life is. But the best part was Kailash Hill. A ropeway connects to it. View of Sea from this place is really breathtaking. And you can see almost entire city from this place. Statues of Hindu Gods Lord Shiva and Parvati are erect on the top of this hill. Road drive is so nice with lush green grass on both sides.



This place is really nice and a “must visit” place.

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