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Mehrauli Archaeological Park

This article is a part of My Delhi Expedition…



Adjacent to Qutub Minar Complex, lies the magnificent Mehrauli Archaeological Park, that hides more than 80 historical marvels. It contains monuments dating back to Prithvi Raj Chauhan and Balban. In 1997, INTACH (Delhi Chapter) and Delhi Tourism decided to develop these neglected ruins. They started with a target of restoring 40 monuments. So far, not even half of this figure is reached, but still, some deep secrets were revealed. Spread in several acres, this park, on one side touches the World Heritage Qutub Complex and on other side, neighbors the entire mehrauli village.





When we enter Qutub Minar, there is a round structure by Metcalf (britisher). Adjacent to that structure, is the entrance to Mehrauli Archeological Park. Park is walled on one side and is bounded by Qutub Complex on other. Rest two sides are heavily forested and small beaten mud tracks leads you inside woods. You can enter from Gateway (next to Qutub Complex), Well, Balban’s Tomb, Gumti, Walled Mosque, Mughal Tomb and Gandhak ki Baoli


Monuments in Park


A list of monuments, that are identified is as follows…

(Note that not all are restored. The work is in progress since 1997)

  1. Gateway of Balaban’s Tomb
  2. Balbans Tomb
  3. Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb
  4. Gumtis and Arcaded Building
  5. Maulana Majduddin’s Tomb
  6. Khan Shaheed’s Tomb
  7. Ruins from Balab’n’s Era (Ruined Village)
  8. Metcalf’s Canopy
  9. Boat House
  10. Lodhi Era Well
  11. Circular Path/Building
  12. Lodhi Era Gateway & Guest House
  13. Tomb of Quli Khan
  14. Metcalf’s Bridge
  15. Stable
  16. Tomb with SandStone Jharokhas
  17. Gatehouse
  18. Walled Mosque
  19. Sarai
  20. Mughal Tomb
  21. Rajon ki Baoli
  22. Gandhak Ki Baoli
  23. Unidentified tomb and several graves
  24. Unidentified Ruins in Central Area


Several other monuments adjoin this place, like…

  1. Qutub Minar
  2. Dargah Hz. Bakhtiyar Kaki
  3. Jahaz Mahal
  4. Zafar Mahal
  5. Adam Khan’s Tomb
  6. Madhi Masjid
  7. Jain Dada Badi
  8. Graves of Last few kings of India (except the last one – Bahadur Shah Zafar)
  9. Several dozen other identified/unidentified ruins


Rulers of Delhi and their marks in M.A.Park

Delhi was ruled by many rulers and this place has marks of everyone….

10th Centuray AD Tomar Rajputs Built Lal Kot and Iron Pillar. (This area is enclosed in Lal Kot)
1155 AD Chauhans They built Quila Rai Pithora where Lal Kot was
1200 AD (Approx) Slave Dynasty Tombs of Balban, Iltutmish, Qutub Minar etc.
1320 Tughluq Tughlakabad is not too far from Mehrauli (though I was not able to find any building of Tughluq era in M.A.Park, I am sure there must be something unnoticed/unidentified)
1400-1500 AD Sayyids & Lodhis Tomb of Jamali Kamali and many other monuments are from this era
1526 AD Mughals Many tombs of mughal era and graves can be seen in this area
1757 AD Britishers Metcalf’s canopy, bridge, gardens, gateways and many other buildings are in this park
1947 AD Democratic Govt. Rose Garden and other constructions in here confirm that this place has marks of all rulers

From Camera…


Here are few pics from this mighty place. You can find more pics in coming posts, when I will write one article on each monument…

IMG_5539 IMG_5549IMG_5563 IMG_5565 IMG_5580 IMG_6077 IMG_6092 IMG_6111 IMG_6188 IMG_6196 IMG_6199 IMG_6220

IMG_5541 IMG_5548

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