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Madhi Masjid, Mehrauli

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As you move towards Jain Dada Badi in Mehrauli (from Andheria Mod), you will find a lonely, but different architecture Lodhi era structure, which has the features of an open wall-mosque as well as a covered mosque. Colored tiles have been used for decorating the flat-roofed chambers with arched openings on either side of the three central bays on the walls of the mosque. Strong walls enclose the courtyard with turrets in each corner giving the mosque the appearance of a miniature fortress. This supports the view that the Madhi Masjid served the purpose of both as a place of worship and was a watchtower to keep a tab on the movements of an alien army.


It has a huge burj like gate built on eastern side, which resembles hindu architecture. This place is a protected monument is kept locked by the Archeological Survey of India. But I somehow managed to get a very brief glimpse, while the guard was keeping an eye on me. The place was clean and lonely, rarely occupied by stray monkeys. I wonder why ASI has not included it into the Mehrauli Archeological Park, as it is adjacent to the premise.


Some clicks of Mosque…


Madhi-Masjid-3 Madhi-Masjid-Burj   Madhi-Masjid-Burj-Interior-2 Madhi-Masjid-Burj-Sideview Madhi-Masjid-Entrance Madhi-Masjid-OpenMosque   RoadView Madhi-Masjid-SideView-2 Madhi-Masjid-1 Madhi-Masjid-2 Madhi-Masjid-WindowMadhi-Masjid-SideViewMadhi-Masjid-Burj-Interior-1Madhi-Masjid-Burj-Gate

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One thought on “Madhi Masjid, Mehrauli

  1. Prashant on said:

    Amazing to see your blog on this one Vikram bhai. Just stumbled across this one while googling for Madhi Masjid. Will have to pay this one a visit soon. Thanks.

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