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Adam Khan’s Tomb a.k.a. Bhool Bhulaiya

This article is a part of My (Vikram) and Gaurav’s Delhi Expedition…




Situated right behind the Qutub Minar, in front of Mehrauli Bus Stand, is Adam Khan’s Tomb, popularly known as Bhool Bhulaiya (lybrinth). It is said that once an entire ‘baraat’ was lost inside this tomb. Looking at this place, the story seems to be very fictitious, but if you see the large dense forest of Quila Rai Pithora (or Lal Kot) behind it, you can make out that it is possible for a huge gathering to get lost in there.


Adam Khan was the son of Akbar’s wet nurse Maham Anga. When Adam Khan killed the husband of JiJi Anga, Ataga Khan, he was thrown from the top of Agra’s Red Fort twice by Akbar. Later, in grief, his mother passed away. Akbar, then built this tomb for Adam Khan.


I got this nice excerpt from here

Surmounted by a dome, the tomb is popularly known as Bhulbhulaiyan, due to its labyrinth where one may lose one’s way in the corridors of the tomb. The tomb is built in Lodi style with a verandah on each side with three openings and that too without the usual eaves below the parapets. It is said that in the early 19th century, the tomb was converted into a residence of an Englishman named Blake of the Bengal Civil Service. Later the tomb was also used or misused as a police station, post office and even a rest house. The tomb was finally vacated and maintained as a monument on the orders of Lord Curzon.


Some Pictures

AdamKhans-Tomb-(9) AdamKhans-Tomb-(10) AdamKhans-Tomb-(11) AdamKhans-Tomb-(12)   AdamKhans-Tomb-(2) AdamKhans-Tomb-(3)    AdamKhans-Tomb-(7)AdamKhans-Tomb-(5) 

The last picture above (right) is of a lodhi era building situated near tomb, now being used as a medical facility.



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10 thoughts on “Adam Khan’s Tomb a.k.a. Bhool Bhulaiya

  1. abhay chawla on said:

    yes i visited this today.most of the people called it bhul bhuliya n i don’t think people know about it as the tomb of adam khan. what a pity that it is in such a bad state of maintenance as it is a beautiful structure.

  2. thanx a lot for this information.the govt. Has not bothered to protect it and people like you have kept it alive.thanx again.

  3. Thanks for your responses guys. I have taken an initiative to identify and create awareness for such monuments. You can find more details at http://www.monumentsofdelhi.com

  4. There is something wrong here.. Red fort was built much after Akbar… he could not have thrown Adam Khan from there…

  5. the information was quite important,thanks and please let me know some more about meehrauli,if u cud

  6. Vikas Pal on said:

    Thank u very much i don’t know about this

  7. I have written a book about Mehrauli and seek your permision to use this photograph in my Book. How and for how much you will permit me. Please reply soon at sondhink@yahoo.com

  8. Supratik chandra on said:

    Vikramjit good show and really appreciated. One question – I didn’t find any bhol bholaiya… When I visited the tomb. It’s a huge single room with one grave believed to be of Adam Khan – reconstructed… Please share your thoughts…

    • Hi,
      There is no Bhool Bhullaiyya in the main chamber. However, there is a possibility that the Crypt (Basement Chamber), where the actual grave lies is built in a manner that no one can reach there easily. Unfortunately the access to that crypt is now lost.
      Besides, the corridors on upper story may be complex enough for everyone to understand.
      Third possibility is that the forest behind this tomb is dense enough. Anyone can get lost there.

      The locals tell story that once an entire marriage party got lost in this tomb. So this place got its name ‘Bhool Bhullaiyya’

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