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Fort Aguada, Goa

FortAguada on Hill Top

A very nice place near Candolim, Goa (India). I went there on 7th November, 2008. It was a sunny day and sea view was clear from the fort. In Portuguese, Aguada means "Watering Place". This was a lighthouse, a Watering Place and a garrison during the Portuguese rule. It was built in 1612. It has a upper fort comprising of a lighthouse, watering station and a lower part, where a Prison is also situated. Here’s a brief history as written at Aguada…FortAguada Board

I found it quite a nice place with a quite endless sea view across the dolphin bay and big ships transporting iron ore from one place to another.

You can find many tourist boats cruising in sea.

FortAguada Boat






But the best part was when we entered the fort. Like other forts, I was expecting some rooms or sections, but this was a huge ground walled and on one corner there was a Lighthouse, which is no longer in use.

There is another light house outside the premise of fort, that is now in use.

Overall, it was an exciting place to visit. There is a church at a nearby hilltop. The view is pleasing. Below church, on the shore, stands a mighty bungalow (of some famous diamond merchant). When we went for boat cruising from the dolphin bay, we saw that bungalow. It was surely a dream palace.


some pics from the place…


 4_FortAguada_Entrance_Main8_FortAguada_OldLighthouse   5_FortAguada_Entrance_Side 6_FortAguada_Inside_Ramp 7_FortAguada_Inside 12_FortAguada_InsideExit Tower Wall Church and Bungalow Inside Inside Sea View Sea View A View Corridor

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