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Siliserh Lake Palace, Alwar (Rajasthan)


We were planning to go to Taj Mahal (Agra) but had to stay late at office. Everyone was sad because such a nice and long awaited program was ruined. Suddenly in morning, one of my dad’s friends told us that there is a nice place just 12 Kms. off Alwar towards Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary.

I called Abhishek and Gaurav, got ready and we all headed towards Rajasthan. It took about 4 hours to reach there. Route was awesome. Delhi-Jaipur highway is smooth and congestion-free.IMG_2534

Maharaja Vinay Singh built this palace for his queen Shila in 1845 AD. Siliserh Lake spans over a wide expansion of seven sq kms. and when filled completely, it covers area of 10 sq. Kms. This lake poses as an imposing backdrop to the Siliserh palace, which has been converted in to a heritage hotel by Rajasthan Tourism. With a splendid regal palace, the lake has an inspiring mix of breathtaking beauty and architectural charisma. This pretty lake is festooned with domed cenotaphs, which themselves boast of a grandeur in architecture.

 IMG_2576 IMG_2601

IMG_2568This nice lake offers boating to tourists. But a hoarding at lake-shore says “Beware of Crocodiles”. However, I haven’t seen any crocodile during my last two visits to this place. The smell of green dirty water is not too good, but the view of hills is so awesome, that photographers can spend hours and hours in there.


We were in lake till evening. Left that place at around 5 and headed Delhi. There are some nice restaurants as you come out of Alwar. Rajasthani food was very good. But the best part in entire trip was when our car got stuck in heard of sheep while we were going towards Alwar.

IMG_2605 IMG_2609

If you stay in Delhi/Jaipur and you are fed up with your busy schedule, you must visit this place often for peace. This place is so remote and hidden, that hardly anyone knows about it.

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4 thoughts on “Siliserh Lake Palace, Alwar (Rajasthan)

  1. hi Vikramjit,
    nicely written.
    with your permission, can i use your “beware of Crocs” pic. I forgot to click that and i need it as an opening image for my Video of Silised lake Visit (and swimming in it!).
    awaiting your response.

    thank you

  2. Dear Gaurav,

    Please feel free to use any image you like.
    Also, if you are planning any trip in Delhi, please visit my website http://www.monumentsofdelhi.com


  3. Amazing stuff … mindblowing !

  4. SANDIP HALDER on said:

    Hi Vikramjit
    Inspired by your writting we booked a room at Siliserh Lake Palace for oct 2011. Can you plz in4m me about buses playing between Delhi TO Siliserh / Alwar? I m from kolkata.

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