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Sobha Singh’s Art Gallery

Sir Sobha Singh is a renowned artist in sikh community. His paintings of sikh gurus are most famous. He was born on 29th November, 1901 at Sri Hargobindpur, Gurdaspur in the family of a Ramgharia Soldier named S. Deva Singh. He himself server british army in baghdad and mesopotamia (now iraq). After independence, he came to Himachal. In 1949, he settled at Andretta near Palampur in Kangra Valley of Himachal, India.

SobhaSinghsResidence SobhaSinghsResidence2

(Residence of S. Sobha Singh at Andretta, Palampur. The street is called S. Sobha Singh Marg)



His murals are displayed at the Indian Parliament. Once of his creations is gracing his residence’s entrance…

(Prithvi Raj Kapoor, created by S. Sobha Singh)





His most famous painting include Heer Ranjha, Sohni Mahiwal and Sikh Gurus. All his work is shown in his little house, that his daughter is now taking care of. One of his paintings, that is now no where to be found was once painted by my dad, when he saw it in a news paper. Unique thing about this picture is that in this, guru nanak is not wearing a turban. Instead, he is having a selli topi on his head. Most sikhs may not be pleased with this picture, but we must not forget the fact that Guru Nanak actually blended into the place where he went. He dressed like locals and gave gurbani in the local language.


When we reached Sobha Singh’s Art Gallery, after crossing mesmerizing tea gardens of Palampur and heavenly valley of Kangra, we were greeted by S. Sobha Singh’s Daughter, who now takes care of her father’s work. She was very kind to show us his work. There is a room full of this original work and a live size statue of him. There is one unfinished painting with a color dipped dry brush in his bed room. On the wall, hangs his honor, that President Giani Zail Singh gave him. I don’t remember if it was Bharat Ratan or Padma Bhushan.

I saw some really nice things in there, and recommend all art lovers to visit this mecca of artists.

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5 thoughts on “Sobha Singh’s Art Gallery

  1. mrs.Umesh Bawa Arora on said:

    I am so touched, by reading this article….Infact, im a great fan of the Great Artist Sd.Shoba Singhji. i admire his paintings, since the time i saw them..way back in 1980’s at one of my friend’s place in Delhi. I got so impressed with his Sohini Mahiwal painting…that i started imagining that would i be able to paint lke him ever…even a bit!!!!
    I always was fond of art…..n i guess, the right time came to me after my kids grew up ( im almost 46 yrs now)residing in Kolkata…Last year i got a little poster of Sohini Mahiwal…n took up painting seriously…i guess im gifted by God, for i never knew myself that i could paint..until i took up this challenge of making this painting…..Since then i have done lots of paintings….infact, i always say…that ‘i’v rediscoverd myself’!!!! my kids n husband have pushed me to take it seriously.
    Shobha Singh ji is my inspirtion….God Bless his soul..and im sure i have his Blessings with me always. Someday, i hope to visit his place too….
    God Bless!!!

  2. Way back from School-The Air Force Central, Subroto Park, New Delhi, we had gone on a NCC Cadets camp at a hilly terrain place above Palampur then called as Alilhal, from there we had trekked a lot and came to halt at this beautiful house of Sir Sobha Singh and were introduced to his large canvases of life like colorful paintings of legends he idolised. As I see the house in the picture it all comes back to me with happy returns and that halt made an impact shows that after so many years I needed to just surf and recall that wonderful time spent there.

  3. We had this photograph of Guru Nanak Dev ji with the cap, long time back, now it is with one of my relatives.. Can you please suggest if there is any place where we can get it now

    • Dear Ritu,
      The SGPC has strict objections with this pic and have removed all copies of it from market. It was printed in newspaper in early 90’s. My father painted it from there so we have a replica with us.
      Now the only existence of guru nanak’s picture with cap is on the golden temple’s gate, where it is embossed on gold.
      We asked sobha singh ji’s daughter about this painting and the lady said that SGPC workers came and took original and all copies of this painting to destroy. They told not to reprint this painting anymore.

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